Our philosophy is #GoVegan, for the animals, the planet and own health. The emotional and luxury nature of these products will get along with your lifestyle, highlighting the aesthetic aspects of each piece. Since May 2020.

Company Mision

In oxygen we decided to show people that a successful business can be also #GoVegan, since the meat industry is the #1 global warming cause it’s a non-sustainable alimentation system.

Therefore, we decided to open a small jewelry business, which we hope will be followed by some fashion, makeup and food small vegan businesses.

Founder : Paloma Jimenez

As Mexican, I've always wanted to live in Japan (because of anime), and I’ve been always passionate about business since I saw "The Profit" when I was 16.  So I played my cards and ended up owning a Jewelry business in Tokyo Japan.

Feel free to take a walk through our shop catalogue and if you like something, you can add it to the cart and self-check out.

There will be more aesthetic designs near future! Cheers!



Art director : Shoki Minami


Film production,photograph,Design,Musical compose, 

Jewelry design


Musashino Art University
Department of Imaging Arts & Sciences. Tokyo, Japan