Only for the first 3 persons from each country to send the format

From now on one of our customer service professional will be happy to handle your purchase manually.

Please send us a message to our Oxygen Facebook page to start https://www.facebook.com/oxygenjewelryst/

Please include this format on the message:

  1. Name of the product you want to buy:

  2. Price of the product:

  3. Size of the product:

  4. Quantity:

  5. Email for order confirmation:

  6. First Name:

  7. Last Name:

  8. Address:

  9. City:

  10. Country:

  11. State:

  12. Zip code:

  13. Contact phone:

  14. If you have any special request please let us know:


START UP COUPON means Oxygen Jewelry is an emerging company, which for the first time is going to send our products abroad, there are specific clearance rules for each imported products/materials depending on each country's clearance statement.

The process of this purchase is simple: the product gets to you; you pay it when you have it. This deal is 0% RISK for the customer.

We need to clarify that, depending on your country, there might or might not be a clearance fee, which is included on the price of the product, YOU WILL NOT PAY ANY MORE THAN THE PRODCUT PRICE shown at the Oxygen website. In case the clearance ask you to pay in order to receive the package, immediately contact us through Facebook before paying anything. Then we might tell you to procedure with the clearance fee payment and that exact amount of money will be discounted form the price you will pay to oxygen jewelry after receiving the product. This is a secure shopping, your data is secure and safe and it is totally risk free. If you do not receive the product, you do not pay.


To know:

As an emerging company, it is impossible for us to pay the clearance fee since that rules apply only to the country’s citizens who import merchandise from abroad.

As soon as you buy a product from a foreign country, then effectively you become an importer and become liable to Customs and Excise Duty as well as Value Added Tax (VAT) payments.

Japan and USA have special clearance deals so it might me very small clearance fee or even $0 if you’re buying from USA.

If you accept the terms and conditions, write to https://www.facebook.com/oxygenjewelryst/

These products apply to the STARTUP COUPON: